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  • How do I book or check your availability?
    The easiest way to book is through our enquiry form or by PM on Facebook to check our availability. A non-refundable booking fee of £200 is required in order to secure your date. We will also provide you with a digital receipt once the deposit is paid. The booking fee is non-refundable as it holds your date so nobody else can book us, but also covers us if the wedding is cancelled due to us having to turn down other work for the same day, as we often get multiple enquiries for the same day.
  • How much of the day do you cover?
    We have 2 packages available so depending on the package you book, we can cover your entire day. This includes the bride's preparations (+£50 for grooms), ceremony, photo location, arrival at the reception, full speeches, first dance and whatever else happens at the reception (photobooth for example) You can view our packages here
  • Do you include the whole ceremony?
    We do NOT include the full wedding ceremony in the final edit. While we do film as much of it as possible and cut it down to the best shots and set it to music, with the vows being audible if possible. Our research has shown that most modern couples do not watch the whole ceremony back, so we made the creative decision to make it into a musical montage rather than include the whole thing. If this is something you’re expecting then it is very important to let us know and we will be able to do it for an extra fee. We shoot our weddings in a very specific way to get the final product we want to make it as entertaining as possible from start to finish. This is our style and is something that cannot be fixed after you see the first draft if we do not agree beforehand that this is what you'd like.
  • What kind of equipment do you bring?
    The equipment we bring with us on the day is worth thousands of pounds, this includes DSLR cameras, steadicam, GoPro and Drone. However, we do stay out of the way as much as possible and stick to our “fly on the wall” style of coverage to get the best natural reactions.
  • May we see examples of your work?
    Of course! Please see our highlight videos of our previous work on Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube.
  • When is the Final Balance Due?
    The final balance must be paid off in full before or on the day of the wedding.
  • What formats do you provide the final video in?
    We deliver the final video via Digital Download and 2 of our packages also come with the final video and highlights on a personalised, unlocked wooden USB and case too. This allows you to make as many copies as you want for family and friends, and is easily transferrable across all modern devices. This also future proofs your big day as USB media devices are readily available in many of todays households. We can provide a DVD copy for an additional fee to cover the printing costs of the disc and case, however due to filming in HD/4K we cannot guarantee that your wedding will fit onto a DVD due to the file size so this service is not guaranteed, sorry.
  • How long does our finished product take & how long will the video last?
    This can differ depending on how much work we have on at any given time. We try and have your first draft with you within 4 weeks, at which point you can make any suggestions on changes that may be needed. On occasion we may build up a backlog, however, so at times the wait can be slightly longer. We ask couples to keep in mind that each wedding video we produce is like producing a full length TV Episode or movie, clocking in usually somewhere between 40 to 90 minutes. We do not put a time limit on the length of our films and each film runtime will differ depending on how long the speeches etc are on the day.
  • Do you do weddings outside of Derry/Londonderry?
    Our weddings mainly cover the Derry/Londonderry and Donegal area but we can also travel a bit further afoot if you’re interested in booking us. We may have to add an additional cost for travel etc but these costs will be kept to a minimum.
  • Do you cover Destination Weddings?
    Absolutely. The prices of our wedding packages will stay the same, however, all we ask is that our travel and accomodation costs are covered.
  • Is it possible to get just a Highlight package rather than a full length video?
    Of course. We will still be there to cover the whole wedding day, but a highlight only package comes at a lower cost due to it being a much shorter edit. If this is something you’d be interested in, contact us for a more accurate quote.
  • Can we tailor your package in any way to suit personal requirements?
    Yes. Our packages are created based upon what we, traditionally, get asked to cover most. If you have anything special happening on your day like performances, fireworks or anything else, do let us know beforehand and we will be happy to discuss and cover.
  • How do you work with our Photographer?
    We are both there to capture your wedding in our own way to the best we can and this can only happen if videographer and photographer work together. For this reason, we will always speak with your photographer before the wedding or at the start of the day and let them know that our style is mostly to film things with a fly on the wall style to get the most realistic and natural depiction of your day. We let them know that we will do our best not to get in the way of their shots just like they will do for us. We don’t make our couples do any acting or staged shots, so we mostly shadow the photographer anyway.
  • Will the filming be discreet and unobtrusive?
    We do our absolute best to be discreet while shooting. Not only is this the professional way to work, but it’s also in our best interests to do so as the best footage we get is when you don’t realise you’re being filmed. We’ve been complimented on many occassions on how inconspicuous we are, and take pride in the fact that we stay out of the way as much as possible.
  • Do you offer photography?
    At this time, we only offer video coverage, but we will be happy to suggest one of the many photographers we enjoy working with locally.
  • When do we meet?
    We can meet at any point between first contact and your wedding day. It's not always essential to meet up as we sometimes meet couples for the first time on the morning of the wedding. However, when meeting, it's always best to meet as close to the wedding as possible so we have a good idea at that stage everything that’s going to happen on the day.
  • Can we get the raw footage?
    We prefer not to, but on rare occasions it is possible for an additional fee. (£250) The reason we prefer not to give the raw footage is that out of context the footage might not look great unedited. We film hours and hours of footage on the day and cut it down to all the best shots captured. The footage we cut out may be times where the camera is rolling while being focused, or while we are moving between shots. Additionally, we cut the sound from a lot of the footage so that we can add music. Raw footage may sometimes pick up conversations from your wedding party that were not intended to be heard by anyone.
  • Can we make changes?
    Yes, within reason. We hope that when couples book us they have seen our final product and have an idea of the style of what they will be getting. You will be sent a first draft as soon as it is completed and be able to make changes such as moving songs around, or taking out specific shots you may not like. While we can’t change our overall style, we are more than happy to go back and change certain parts you may want moved around.
  • Can we choose our own music?
    Definitely, and we prefer that you do. This is your film and we want it to be as personalised as possible. We usually ask that couples send us 8-10 songs with a mixture of slow and upbeat. Not a big music fan? That’s fine too, if you’d rather we chose the music we can do that too. However, picking your own music does add a lot of your own personal touch to your video.
  • How long do you keep our footage?
    Once the final edit is signed off, we will keep the Raw footage for 2 months, after which it will be deleted. We will keep a copy of your final edit for longer. The Digital Download and unlocked USB provided lets you make as many backup copies as you like.
  • Do we have to feed you on the day?
    This is up to you, but is honestly very much appreciated. Generally speaking, couples will liaise with the hotel or wedding planner to feed us at the location. Don’t worry, we don’t intrude on your guests as the hotels will usually sort us out with a table at the hotel bar or somewhere similar. If you’re unsure about this, feel free to ask your venue or wedding planner about meals for the videographers and they’ll be happy to give you advice! Again, this is not essential, but a welcome surprise for us to refuel!
  • Who will see my Highlight Video?
    The Highlight Video is what we use to show off your full day, but also to promote ourselves on social media. Generally, we put your highlights on a video site like YouTube or Vimeo and share it on our Facebook page as promotional material. We completely understand that some couples do not want their wedding day shared publicly. If you would rather your video was not put up publicly, just let us know.
  • I have a question that is not covered above!
    Just get in touch with us and let us know if there's any other questions you may have. or Facebook
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